Combat Assault is a Wii clan that plays Call of Duty: World at War, Medal of Honor: Heroes 2, and soon to be the Conduit.
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 app cod5 wii

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the pwne

PostSubject: app cod5 wii   Tue Feb 03, 2009 8:11 pm

In Game Name :the pwner

*Chatbox Name :the pwner

Prestige/Level : 43 or 44

Clans you have been in before :i treid to get into one but they never was on

*Experience (how many Clan wars, when did you start playing, etc...) : christmas i started

*Reasons for joining (why did you choose us?) :looks fun

How you heard about us? :youtube

***Who are you IRL (In real life) : i think this means name bryant

***Date of your tryout (date & time) :anytime i can try out
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app cod5 wii
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